Deloitte: UK companies to list at double the rate of international businesses
The final quarter of 2010 will see twice the number of domestic companies list on the London Stock Exchange as international companies, according to Deloitte, the business advisory firm.


 Fuente:    Fecha:  15.10.2010

Deloitte: UK companies to list at double the rate of international businesses

Analysis of FTSE activity over the past 24 months shows that whilst there were no international listings in 2009, activity picked up in 2010 with four international listings and eight domestic. Deloitte experts predict that this rate of listing will continue in the final quarter of the year.

James Ferguson, capital markets partner at Deloitte comments: “These figures illustrate the increasingly active market we’re seeing. This is a positive development considering the dearth of activity seen last year, and is opening the way for further activity. We expect to see a continuation of announcements and listings into the final quarter, with domestic companies entering the FTSE at twice the rate of international companies.

“Those companies that have listed in the past two years fall into two distinct categories. The domestic businesses tend to be smaller but have a strong track record and are making a move into the FTSE 250, whilst the international ones are larger businesses with capitalisations in excess of £1bn. These businesses are principally in the energy and resources sectors, and are seeking to access the FTSE 100 where many of their international peers are listed.

“Through recent announcements we are already aware of a number of groups planning to IPO in the final quarter of this year. Should the rate of listings exceed our prediction, this would be a clear indication that the market is outperforming current trends and is accelerating.”