Endesa prepares for the future with Unisys and Open Source
Endesa chose Unisys to implement an SAP CRM implementation with an open source system that addressed its need to centralise its services. It wanted a single on-line access point for users, able to manage more than 400,000 requests and processing around a

Endesa needed to centralise all the services for the different subsidiaries and business lines of the company into a unique system. Endesa needed a system that enabled its CIOs to better manage the service level agreements for all the internal clients of the company. The system is based on a simple technology that is able to integrate different environments.

Unisys was asked at an early stage of discussions to look at the options for change and make recommendations for a new approach that would satisfy Endesa's requirements. Both Unisys and Endesa decided an Open Source approach based on Endesa's existing J2EE Framework would give Endesa the flexibility it needed to provide effective user support to its staff and partners.

Unisys worked with Endesa to develop a web based front-end solution, developed using Open Source technologies, with the ability to connect web services with the business processes in an SAP CRM system within the SAP ecosystem. The open source architecture is known as the AME Endesa Framework. It provides a set of components and rules to make developments as the single point of access to the frontend system developed by Unisys, through a web portal, to Endesa's user support services. It brings together the benefits of a standard proprietary solution with the added advantages of Open Source.

As part of the project, Unisys also carried out robust testing of the new system, with a view to demonstrating, once the infrastructure was consolidated, the viability and effectiveness of AME in contrast with the earlier standard solutions of SAP that required custom development.