Engaging Global Executives: 10 Megatrends in B2B Marketing 2008
This year's Ten Megatrends in B2B Marketing 2008 took an in-depth look at the challenges facing marketing executives around the world by surveying over 140 business-to-business (B2B) service providers.
We surveyed over 800 users of B2B services to discover which marketing channels are most effective in attracting attention within today's competitive marketplace. Survey respondents and interviewees for this study represented a mix of different regions, industries, and executive functions. Our survey reveals that providers and users of B2B services currently find the following marketing trends most relevant to their business: * thought leadership, or engaging executives through thought-provoking ideas and research, is continuing to replace traditional marketing as the primary way to reach global executives * companies are going higher, deeper, and wider into organisations by reaching the C-suite and other high level executives, attracting different functions across firms, and penetrating different sized organisations * integrated marketing is no longer the exception, but is now the market standard for reaching a wide audience with the greatest impact * emerging markets continue to rise in prominence as executives recognise the many opportunities in different growing regions * businesses are increasingly integrating internal and external business intelligence systems as they find knowledge management integral to day-to-day business operations * marketers and users are finding Web 2.0 initiatives, such as webcasts, microsites, and blogs, an effective way to reach audiences at a low cost * meetings are still the dominant way to market to executives, but B2B firms are using more flexible approaches, such as media partnerships and meetings linked to thought leadership research * advertising agencies and public relations firms are building new skills to meet the rigours of thought leadership marketing * B2B purchasing decisions made within the hierarchy of firms has become more complex as organisations adopt global integrated approaches * firms want to more closely monitor the return on investment (ROI) to ensure that marketing efforts continue to meet the bottom line