Ernst & Young enhances corporate governance advisory capabilities with acquisition.
Proxy Governance Inc.'s comprehensive database and a new corporate governance team give Ernst & Young LLP unparalleled research and analysis capabilities.

Fuente:    Fecha:  30.05.2011

Ernst & Young  enhances corporate governance advisory capabilities with acquisition

Ernst & Young LLP has enhanced its corporate governance advisory capabilities with the addition of a corporate governance team, a research application, and a comprehensive database of corporate governance information from Proxy Governance Inc. (PGI). These additions, which were completed in time for the 2011 proxy season, give Ernst & Young a unique ability to examine the governance and shareholder engagement needs facing boards and senior executives.

The corporate governance environment in the US and globally is in flux, with several significant new requirements in effect and others pending. "More than ever, boards need to be aware of shareholder perspectives and meaningfully engage with them," says Tom McGrath, Partner and Senior Vice Chair of Markets, Ernst & Young LLP. "This need has increased the demand for the best practice insights Ernst & Young can provide with these capabilities, which is particularly powerful when combined with our existing suite of capabilities in assurance, tax, transactions and advisory services."

Ernst & Young LLP's newly established Corporate Governance Group (CGG), which includes members of the former PGI team, has already helped clients address questions raised by boards, audit committees and senior management. "We can help answer very specific questions raised by a client," says McGrath, "or we can enter into a more general discussion of corporate governance issues with the client and our engagement team."

The types of relevant topics the group is often called upon to research or discuss include:

• Executive compensation
• Board composition
• Social and environmental shareholder proposals
• Institutional voting policies

"These issues affect all public companies, regardless of their industry or size," says Michael Inserra, Partner, Ernst & Young, LLP. "We can also conduct research and provide pragmatic insights, which will give Ernst & Young clients perspectives as to how their corporate governance actions and policies compare with peers and which issues are capturing the interest of shareholders."

The acquisition of certain of Proxy Governance Inc.'s assets, along with the recent acquisitions of ISA Consulting, Hacktics, Global Analytics, EnteGreat, Capital City Technologies and Sargas by Ernst & Young firms in the Americas area, reinforces the organization's commitment to advising clients on critical business issues.

The acquisition closed on February 1, 2011. Terms were not disclosed.