French Finance Ministry Chooses Accenture-Steria Consortium
Designed to integrate French government budget expenditures, non-tax receipts and accounting into a single, unified IT landscape, the Chorus project is the largest inter-ministerial program ever undertaken in France. The new software for managing state finances enables full compliance with the LOLF framework legislation on state budgets passed in August 2001.

May 15, 2007

The Accenture-Steria consortium has been awarded the contract for lot 1 of the Chorus project, which consists in integrating the application’s core functions. Working as co-contractors, Accenture and Steria have blended their expertise to address the project’s challenging objectives, which include building and integrating the core functions and providing the associated Application Outsourcing (AO) services.

In addition, the consortium will be responsible for defining the framework and specifications for Chorus application deployment tools, then for building and maintaining them. The two co-contractors will also be in charge of design, development, implementation and support for the deployment portal.

The Chorus program aims to provide every French government agency, at both central and local levels, with a shared, integrated application for finance, budget and accounting management. As stipulated by LOLF legislation, the application will be interfaced with other applications such as Copernic. Operational project management is being led by the Finance Ministry’s AIFE information technology agency, with input and supervision by other ministries, as well as by the budget office, the state agency for government modernization (DGME) and the government accounting office (DGCP).

Ministries currently use several different information systems to manage government finances. The Chorus project will integrate all of the systems involved in state expenditures, non-tax receipts and accounting into a single, unified IT landscape.

Based on a previously selected SAP enterprise resource planning platform, Chorus will create a powerful lever for modernizing and rationalizing the state’s various budget and accounting processes. It will replace existing inter-ministerial applications, while delivering part of the functionalities currently performed by each ministry’s internal management applications.

The four-year project was launched in April 2007 with a consortium team of more than 100 people. Chorus will ultimately concern more than 20,000 users. Initial deployment is scheduled for 2008, followed by rollout at all French government budget and accounting departments in 2009 and 2010.