Getronics and MindTree Consulting confirm strategic partnership
Getronics targets fivefold increase in applications services delivered from India by the end of 2008

Amsterdam, 29 January 2007

Getronics, a world leader in workspace and application services, confirmed today its strategic partnership with MindTree Consulting, an Indian IT services company. Getronics' market-leading Dutch subsidiary, Getronics PinkRoccade, has been working together with MindTree Consulting since 2003, providing application development and maintenance services both to Dutch national clients and to Getronics' clients internationally. The strategic partnership announced today builds upon the already strong relationship and processes between the two parties, and is a confirmation of Getronics 'one-shore' model of service delivery – providing services in the most effective manner to its international clients.

'Our international strategic partnership with MindTree Consulting builds on the excellent work that we have already carried out together, developing and managing applications for some of our largest clients, including major international financial institutions, insurance companies and governmental institutions,' states Klaas Wagenaar, CEO of Getronics. 'This partnership gives us access to large numbers of highly-skilled individuals, which in turn enables us to free up many of our applications specialists in the Netherlands, so that they can join our highly profitable and rapidly growing Consulting and Transformation Services business. In addition, this will enable us to further expand our applications services delivery internationally. We presently employ approximately 120 FTE at MindTree Consulting in applications services. With this partnership, we are now targeting a fivefold growth in the applications services we deliver from India by the end of 2008.'

As provider of applications services in specialist areas such as retail banking, insurance, healthcare and government, Getronics' applications expertise is particularly focused on the way applications help its clients establish intimacy with their own customers. In the application arena, Getronics' helps its clients achieve increased productivity through three broad areas of activity:

The integration of new and existing business applications, combining both local and off-shore resources to bring its clients the combined benefit of strong local knowledge and savings in cost and time.

Application maintenance and evolution, ranging from patching right through to major re-platforming projects.

Full application management, where Getronics assumes complete responsibility as an outsourced applications service provider.

By sharing the burden of application integration, maintenance and management with Getronics, organisations benefit from tighter cost control, and most importantly, from greater responsiveness to business demand.

'Getronics has industry-leading expertise and a proven track record in the Netherlands of adding value through application design, integration and management,' said Ashok Soota, Chairman and Managing Director of MindTree Consulting. 'We believe that Getronics and MindTree's combination will provide a high-value, low-cost service to our clients. Getronics is one of the few ICT service companies to have implemented a genuinely consistent 'one shore' Global Service Delivery Model. This enables us to offer our international clients a seamless, high-quality service, no matter where their operations are based. We believe this strategic partnership will allow us to increase business value to our customers.'

About MindTree Consulting

MindTree Consulting is an international IT and R&D services company with development centres in India and the U.S. The Company provides end-to-end project execution through its OneShore hybrid delivery model.

Founded seven years ago in Bangalore, India, MindTree has grown to a more than 4,000-strong team providing IT and R&D solutions to Global 2000 companies. The company offers IT services in application development and maintenance, business intelligence solutions, ERP and supply chain management, testing, Mainframe and iSeries support and enhancement. MindTree also provides R&D Services in the areas of product and board design, operating systems, protocol engineering, embedded applications, product testing and licensing of intellectual properties.

MindTree has been given the MAKE award for excellence in the area of Knowledge Management and been named the leading service provider in the 'Human Capital Development' category by Global Services magazine. MindTree was also rated among the world's top 30 offshoring service providers by the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals. For more information, please visit .

About Getronics

With some 24,000 employees in more than 25 countries and approximate revenues of €2.6 billion, Getronics is one of the world's leading providers of vendor independent Information and Communication Technology (ICT) solutions and services.

Getronics designs, builds, deploys and manages flexible and innovative end-to-end solutions, working together with our partners and clients, in order to optimise and increase the productivity of our clients' mobile knowledge workers.

Getronics headquarters are in Amsterdam, with regional offices in Boston, Madrid and Singapore. Getronics' shares are traded on Euronext Amsterdam ('GTN'). For further information about Getronics, visit .