A Logitech offshore project by Altran India and Innovatica
The main objective was to set up an offshore development service platform of around 6 people engaged for a full year. The project was to develop USB based Analyzer & Capturing Tools for Logitech Company, Switzerland as a customer.

Overall 6 tools of firmware development were successfully delivered. The technical environment for the tools was .NET, Bluetooth, Embedded, and C/C /C#.

On the technical side of the tools, they are being used for testing and analyzing the functionality of the Logitech devices such as whether the selected USB Logitech device is functioning properly or not, on each and every command sent to it. The tools are also capable of capturing all the data send to a USB device and received from the USB device with the time stamp when it was sent or received. The tools can send HID and HID commands to the USB devices, which are the pre-defined Logitech commands used for communicating with the Logitech devices.

One of the tools was Floyd Demo Tool developed for Logitech marketing team to make a demo on a showroom for EasyCall Desktop product (Pulse Audio Device). The tool is now in the market for showcasing the functionality and demo proposes of the device.

The development process followed at Altran India for the tools was according to Agile Development Methodology. Deliveries were incremental and multiple projects were running in parallel. The overall structure of the project was one delivery team based in Altran India office, led by one Indian project manager working on time & material. One lead from Innovatica, close to the client and responsible for client requirement and project scope management.

Finally the relationship between Altran India and Innovatica provide better offshore model with processes to the customer.