MAPFRE outsources ICT and business continuity services to T-Systems
Set for growth, ICT provider acquires data center near Madrid

Madrid, April 19, 2007

MAPFRE, the largest Spanish insurance company, has signed a five year outsourcing deal with T-Systems for global ICT and business continuity services. The services will be provided from MAPFRE’s new data center located in Avila, which will be owned and operated by T-Systems. The outsourcing deal is a major milestone in T-Systems’ international strategy.

MAPFRE’s decision to outsource the operation of its data center and applications to T-Systems fulfils several objectives for the insurance company. For one, it provides adequate infrastructure and capacity for MAPFRE to provide necessary backup services for its main data center at less cost, enabling the company to increase its investment profitability and concentrate on its core business.

Additionally, MAPFRE relies on technological innovation as a way to improve its processes and define new business areas. As technology partner, T-Systems will provide MAPFRE with flexible solutions based on real ICT, the true integration of information and communication technology, which support the international insurer in executing its strategy and meeting business objectives.

The new data center will be linked to MAPFRE’s main data center in Majadahonda through a high speed and highly reliable communications network operated by T-Systems. The data center services offered by T-Systems will be based on its Dynamic Computing model, which enables the insurance company to pay only for the capacity it actually uses.

Once the project is implemented, MAPFRE will enjoy an information system based on two balanced data centers. T-Systems will facilitate a "best in class" business contingency plan ensuring the normal continuity of its activities in case of a disaster in its main data center.

This way MAPFRE ensures its business operations availability facing any kind of contingency. This approach on the technology field contributes with a new strengthening on the positioning of MAPFRE as a key insurance company on the Spanish market.

Thanks to this agreement, T-Systems will take advantage of this new computing capacity to improve its ICT capabilities and to provide services to its current and new customers in the region of central Spain.


MAPFRE is an independent Spanish business group, who develops insurance, financial, real-estate and services activities, in Spain and other 39 countries. The Group is the leading company of the Spanish insurance market and one of the top companies in Latin America. It owns the largest offices network on the Spanish market and employs more than 28.000 people in the world. MAPFRE achieved in 2006 a turnover of 13.600 million euros, and a net profit of 610 million euros.



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