Olivier Vallet appointed CEO of Steria France
Steria has announced the appointment of Olivier Vallet as CEO of Steria France.

www.consultant-news.com  09.12.2008

Along with his management team, Vallet will work to speed up the process of bringing Steria France into line with the group's overall performance objectives and providing Steria's customers with an ever-higher level of added value and quality.

Steria France's new organisation is designed to strengthen its efficacy and its commercial impact. The additional focus on key business sectors and the industrial deployment of service lines that are shared with other countries will allow for a higher level of synergies.

This organisation will be fully up and running as from 1 January 2009. It will be based on 7 sectors, each of which will have its own sales team.

Three sectors will draw on "core business" strategies corresponding to Steria's strategic market sectors: Banking, Insurance, Social and Health, headed by Marie-Josèphe Helou; Utilities, Telecom and Manufacturing, headed by Bernard Grauloup; Public Sector and Transport, headed by Jean-Charles Tarlier.

Two sectors will be dedicated to Regions: North, headed by Hervé Garnousset; South, headed by Claude Barrière.

Two sectors will be dedicated to industrialised service lines: Third Party Software Testing, Application Management & Business Process Outsourcing, headed by Ilhame Choukrani; Infrastructure Management, headed by Philippe Borfiga.

The Operations and Quality Department will also be strengthened in its role in developing and industrialising the global delivery model (offshore and nearshore) in addition to international synergies. It will be headed by Jean-Bernard Rampini.

Vallet, a member of the Steria Group's Executive Committee, joined the company in 2006 as Director of Industrial Operations. He has contributed to the development of a global industrial production model offering offshore and nearshore capacities in Poland, India and Morocco. In addition, he has served as CEO of the Spain and Scandinavia entities for the past year.

From 2000 to 2006, Vallet occupied a number of different positions at the Alcatel group and in 2003 was appointed Chairman and CEO of Alcanet, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Alcatel Group. He also managed Alcatel's IT and telecommunications activities.

Prior to joining Alcatel, he held the position of Vice President in charge of Finance and Outsourcing with the NCR group from 1999 to 2000. From 1998 to 1999, he worked as Vice President EMEA for NCR's Managed Services business. Ahead of his appointment as Vice President of NCR France's Customer Services department (1996-1998), he coordinated the sales and marketing department of the American manufacturer's French subsidiary from 1994-1996. From 1986 to 1994, Vallet worked in sales with the Systemedia (SMD) division of the AT&T-NCR group. Vallet has also chaired the European Outsourcing Association in France. The goal of this association is to evaluate the consequences of outsourcing (managed services, BPO) on the industrial, legal, managerial and human aspects of a company. The EOA is open to all market players, users, and consulting and IT service providers. 

Vallet is a graduate of INSEAD and the IFG