Revista T-Systems. Best Practice 03/07

Megatrends such as globalization, universal mobility and demographic changes are defining our work and lifestyles. This is leading to a range of entirely new questions ? for instance,

about the future of the healthcare systems, the working world and transportation. In many

areas, innovative ICT solutions are already helping to fi nd new, fl exible answers ? from

mobile workplaces to toll systems that guide the traffi c. However, this situation often begs

the question ? which came fi rst, the social trend or the technological development? Who is

actually infl uencing whom? And do we really want to have everything that is feasible?

The Top Story of this issue of Best Practice searches for answers to these questions, as it

investigates the interaction between business, society and technology. Although there are

no easy answers, one point soon becomes clear: people must always be the yardstick for

every development. Essentially, the key is to master our current challenges with technology

so that ultimately we gain a better quality of life for as many people as possible ? while also

reducing costs at the same time. For instance, fl exible working hours and mobile workplaces

can make it possible for young, highly qualifi ed employees to balance their job and

their family better. This will also benefi t the economy, as it can secure important personnel

and exploit their productivity more effectively. Moreover, models such as this can also have

a positive infl uence on the demographic trends. In this way, ICT solutions are playing an important

role in defi ning our future ? and making it more mobile, safer and more worth living.