Steria and Accenture win major contract with Norwegian public pension fund
Steria and Accenture are to develop a new systems portfolio for Statens Pensjonskasse, which will include implementing the pension reforms and migration to a new platform.  19.01.2009

The Norwegian Public Service Pension Fund has chosen Accenture and Steria as its systems development partners in association with the recently agreed pension reforms. The contracts are expected to be worth over € 32 million (NOK 300 million).

“Accenture and Steria will each deliver their own sub package, while at the same time working closely with each other and with the Norwegian Public Service Pension Fund (Statens Pensjonskasse) - under the same roof at the project office in Oslo. Close and healthy consultation is one of the most important success criteria for the project,” said Finn Melbø, Managing Director of Statens Pensjonskasse.

The pension fund reforms have been structured as part of a project named PERFORM, with a € 94 million (NOK 870 million) budget. The two contracts with Accenture and Steria are each worth around € 16 million (NOK 150 million).

“This pension reform work will make Statens Pensjonskasse one of the most exciting places to work in the public sector over the next few years,” Melbø added.

Norway's largest ever agile ICT project “Steria has worked with systems development based on agile methodology in the public sector for many years, experience that we look forward to leveraging when implementing the PERFORM project. The agreement confirms Steria as most highly qualified supplier of choice to the most demanding organisations,” explained Kjell Rusti, Managing Director of Steria in Norway.

“Working with Statens Pensjonskasse and on other large and demanding ICT projects in the public sector over the past few years has enabled us to build up a tremendous amount of experience and expertise related to the pension reforms in The Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration (NAV). We look forward to utilising this know-how in partnership with Statens Pensjonskasse and Steria to deliver the largest ever agile ICT project in Norway,” said Nils Øveraas, Managing Director of Accenture in Norway.

The project is scheduled to run from January 2009 to 2011, with the possibility of a further 12-month extension. Over 100 employees from Statens Pensjonskasse, Accenture and Steria will be engaged on the project from the early months. Around 60 of these will be consultants. Steria will provide expertise in Scum and agile systems development, user friendliness, Java development, data warehousing and process flow. Accenture will provide consultants with expertise primarily within the areas of pensions, Java development, integration, security and the existing specialised systems.

Statens Pensjonskasse manages pension funds for government employees and much of the education and research sector in Norway and has almost one million members. It is the largest pension fund in Norway with assets of around NOK 330 billion under management.

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