T-Systems announces MAPFRE Outsourcing latest major deal in Spain
The Mapfre contract spans a period of five years. „This shows once more that our crucial growth driver is to be found in international business," emphasized Pauly in Hannover. „This recent success brings us a step closer to our goal in increasing the international share of our sales volume from 18 percent today to 30 percent by 2010." This translates into an annual growth rate of around 20 percent outside of Germany.

Frankfurt am Main/Hannover, March 14, 2007

With another international deal under its belt, T-Systems continues its success series abroad. Kicking off CeBIT in Hannover, Germany T-Systems CEO Lothar Pauly presented the company’s latest major outsourcing deal with Spanish insurance company, Mapfre.

The business deals that T-Systems announced recently in Italy, Spain, Switzerland and South Africa, with a total value of around 70 million, prove that it is on the right path. In addition to this was the signing of the largest contract in its history two weeks ago, an outsourcing deal with energy company Centrica in Great Britain.

"And we intend to achieve even more in the next months in Europe's most important ICT market," said Pauly and named current running projects in Great Britain such as census and toll collection for passenger cars. T Systems is also looking for a strategic partner for its rapid global expansion. „A complete sale is not our goal. We would be counteracting the trend toward the fusion of IT and TC and ignoring our cus-tomers' demand for Real ICT."

Toll projects and digital radio for public authorities

A prime example of this IT and TC fusion is the satellite-supported toll system in Germany, which is increasingly gaining more interest from abroad. In addition to Hungary, tests are being conducted in Slovakia, where a country-wide toll system is expected to be announced in June. "We are also preparing to bid on contracts in England and the Netherlands," emphasized Lothar Pauly turning his attention then to a major deal in Germany, that is expected to materialize in the coming weeks. T Systems is anxiously awaiting the announcement this month from the alternative model from the German Federal Ministry of the Interior, the BMI, for its digital radio solution for public authorities and other organi-zations involved in the security sector in Germany. "The signal here is loud and clear: We are ready to prove our capabilities to both the coun-try and the federal states of Germany," affirmed Pauly.

New project with German Federal Ministry of the Interior (BMI)

In the last few days, a new contract with Germany’s BMI has also come into fruition. In the project SiMCo (Secure Mobile Communication), T-Systems will be making sure that members and departments of the German federal government are able to use special handheld devices (MDAs) to exchange tap-proof e-mails or coordinate appointments. The technology meets the most stringent security requirements of the German federal government.

Flatrate for telephones and the Internet

In conclusion to his CeBIT presentation in Hannover, Lothar Pauly an-nounced the new T-Systems business customer tariffs. As of April this year, T-Systems will be offering its mid-sized business customers the first standardized solution for the integration of fixed-line and mobile communications: With "Business Complete" customers can now receive a double flat rate for Internet and telephone at each location. The voice flatrate includes neighboring European countries as well as Great Britain while the Internet flatrate covers all data traffic.

Office in your pocket

For mobile employees who need secure access to current enterprise data on demand, T-Systems offers a revolutionary USB stick. This handy storage medium with data encryption acts as a key to the corpo-rate network for flexible access to data and applications from everywhere anytime. Equipped with a personal identification Smartcard, users can simply use the stick in any computer connected to the Internet, enter his/her personal ID number (PIN) and initiate a secure connection and data access. Installation of software is not required. With the help of Smartcard and PIN, the "mIDentity" solution recognizes the identity of the person logging in to the network. Only then can the user open the data files in the stick and the data safe on the hard drive of the laptop.

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