T-Systems receives award for technological innovation at SEAT. Virtual reality solution reduces occupational health issues
T-Systems received an award on the occasion of the 34th International Motor Show in Barcelona for one of the best technological innovations in the Iberian automobile industry.

Frankfurt am Main, June 28, 2007

T-Systems received the award for a solution that enables the VW subsidiary SEAT to simulate the work environment of employees in development and production. With this tool, health risks for employees can be determined early on and eliminated prior to the actual start of production. SEAT intends to use this solution to reduce the loss of working hours and decrease production costs.

In the E.V.A. (Virtual Ergonomics Applied) project, T-Systems developed and implemented work methods and tools for preventive measures based on virtual simulation. This innovative solution will enable SEAT to identify workplace-related ergonomic problems in advance, both for the development and the production phases of a new car model. The analysis systems currently on the market can only simulate existing work environments based on variables from the work in progress.

T-Systems, by comparison, uses virtual reality to project employees into their future work environments where they use the intended tools and thus simulate the actual movements for each step in the work process. The evaluation of this data will then reveal if a specific position could lead to health issues for the employee. If need be, the tool will redefine the production environment and correct the processes. Since the simulation process creates a virtual reality for the complete cycle, from the development of a particular model to production and the future work environment, the T-Systems solution will help prevent lost investments with regard to the production environment.