The Atos Origin ‘next generation’ mobile ticketing solution, AVANTIX Mobile, provides quick and easy ticketing on the move.
Scotrail signs new contract with Atos Origin to upgrade AVANTIX Mobile

Fuente:  Fecha: 20.07.2009

Atos Origin, an international IT services company, today announced a new long term contract with Scotrail to replace and upgrade all existing AVANTIX Mobile devices. Roll-out will be completed by the middle of 2009 across all of ScotRail.

AVANTIX Mobile, the Atos Origin ‘next generation’ mobile ticketing solution, is the number one mobile ticketing solution for the UK rail industry and in 2008 issued over 50 million tickets. It provides quick and easy ticketing on the move for tickets to and from any location as well as providing train staff with fast, easy access to up-to-date fare and timetable information.

The new improved version being rolled out for ScotRail has additional functionality including faster ticket printing to enable more sales on busy trains; options for Wi-Fi or GPRS capability for online transactions and the capability to integrate a 2D barcode scanner for validation of self-print and mobile tickets.

To ensure that customers get long-term benefit from their investment, Atos Origin has a committed development programme for AVANTIX Mobile. Planned enhancements for 2009 onwards that can be retrospectively added to new Avantix Mobile devices include a new Bluetooth-enabled PIN pad to handle Chip & PIN transactions, a built-in printer for credit card receipts and travel itinerary information as well as access to real time train running information and a barcode validation database. The new Chip and PIN solution also incorporates a reader for ITSO smartcards in anticipation for deployment of optional ITSO software at a later date.