The Belgian Ministry of Finance chooses Steria to renovate the application for the tax enrollment of individuals (IPP)
The agreement, which covers a six-year period, totals €3.8 million and will be carried out by Steria acting as the Prime Contractor, in partnership with Software AG and Deloitte.

As part of the programme to modernise the Belgian Ministry of Finance (SPF Finances), Steria will design the integrated system for calculating and enrolling taxes for individuals. This project concerns the core activity of the Belgian Ministry of Finance.

Today tax services still calculate and enrol the taxes of individuals using a 20 year-old program developed in-house. Additional functions were added gradually over time to enable online calculations, but the previous application no longer meets the Ministry's needs. Furthermore, adopting the previous programme to changes in tax laws requires lots of time.

Steria and its partners were chosen to develop a new application to calculate and enrol the taxes for individuals. Developments will need to co-operate with legacy applications, which remain on mainframes. Steria will also manage the installation, commissioning, and operational maintenance of the new application, as well as the necessary training and documentation.

This new application will simplify the work of the government agency. Changes to tax laws will be easier to integrate, so the Ministry will be able to start working more quickly on the annual processing of tax declarations. It will also be easier and faster to add new features and, thanks to these new applications, taxpayers will be able to benefit from the possibilities offered by the Internet.

The IPP enrolment application will be integrated in the new open architecture set up by the Ministry and will use its ICT databases and J2EE/JAVA standards.

The new system will go into effect for the 2008 tax year.

To carry out this project and several others in the public sector, banks, and industry, Steria has begun and will continue to hire one hundred additional employees.

Steria: modernising European governments

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