Tube Lines renews IT contract for third time with Capgemini
Outsourcing has cut costs by 25% and improved user satisfaction by 100%. Tube Lines renews IT contract for third time with Capgemini

Fuente:    Fecha:   03.06.2009

London Underground maintenance company Tube Lines has signed a further extension to its IT outsourcing contract with Capgemini UK plc (Capgemini) to prolong the service for a third two-year period from 2009 to 2011. The decision follows an independent audit confirming that the current Capgemini service is in the top quartile for quality and the bottom quartile for costs.


Under the new contract, Capgemini will continue to be responsible for key corporate IT systems that assist Tube Lines in its work with its customer London Underground. Tube Lines maintains the trains, tracks and stations for the Jubilee, Northern and Piccadilly lines which together carry almost two million passengers a day, 40 per cent of those using the entire tube network.

The Capgemini service involves supporting some 2,500 Tube Lines staff at its 70 locations across the capital.

Adrian Davey, Head of IT at Tube Lines, said: “Our decision to renew our IT partnership with Capgemini reflects the outstanding success we have seen in working together to transform IT support for our business. IT underpins the services we provide and simply has to work well if the current massive investment in London Underground infrastructure is to deliver the major improvements that our customers and passengers expect from it.”

He added: “The collaborative approach we have developed with Capgemini has clearly paid huge dividends. Every single service metric is ahead of the target specified, service levels are up and costs are down by 25 per cent. Equally important, user credibility in the value of IT support has been restored, with the latest user satisfaction survey showing a 100 per cent improvement compared with the situation prior to outsourcing.”

Capgemini is currently leading a technology transformation project to deploy the latest generation of Microsoft enterprise technology at Tube Lines, including the Vista operating system, Windows Server 2008, SharePoint and Office Communications Server.

Roy Mahoney, Capgemini’s UK Services Director for Outsourcing, said: “Collaboration with our clients is part of our DNA at Capgemini and it is good to see, once again, how effective this approach can be in producing great results for our clients.”

The new contract runs from 2009 to 2011 and renews and extends the outsourcing contracts between Tube Lines and Capgemini that ran from 2005-2007 and 2007-2009.


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