Evading extinction: Rules of survival in a global slowdown
With three out of ten of the nation's small businesses fearing they will not be here this time next year many business leaders are worried about how to steer their firms through the choppy waters of the next few months

www.consultant-news.com  10.12.2008

The figures are released in a new report that also identifies a new tribe of businesses called 'Super SMEs' who are booming through increasingly tough market conditions.

Crucially, the report, by workplace telecoms specialist Plantronics, investigates what Super SMEs and struggling businesses did differently as the slowdown first loomed on the horizon. In doing so the report delivers an action plan for business survival. The action plan is comprised of a ten-point checklist for anyone running their own business and includes tips on where to concentrate investment and what to prioritise when the chips are down, using the Super SMEs as the template for success.

So if your business is struggling or you fear that it may do so as economic conditions worsen why not join a panel of experts involved in putting together the report.

They will have practical tips and advice based on the report's findings and will be sharing their tips for survival.

Join our three wise men: David Molian of Cranfield Management School, Philip Vanhoutte, EMEA Managing Director of Plantronics and Peter Thomson of WiseWork live online at http://www.webchats.tv/chat/evading_eExtinction_rules_of_survival on Monday December 15th at 11:45 to discuss how to turn your SME into a Super SME. 

For more information visit http://www.be-a-super-sme.com/advice .