The Global Outsourcing Industry in 2010: Repositioning the Value Proposition.
Participants in the global sourcing community ? buyers and providers ? are putting into place the relationships, solutions and delivery models to service the demands of 2010 and beyond . . .
2007 has come and gone. Organizations implementing effective and lasting transformation of their business support operations for 2008 have likely been planning their planning long before today. TPI, recognizing how incredibly quickly the market is moving, offers insight into what we believe will be the future state of the sourcing market in 2010 and beyond, thought leadership that sheds light on the issues, concerns and drivers related to tomorrow's sourcing strategies. This abridged version of "The Global Outsourcing Industry in 2010: Repositioning the Value Proposition." covers the following areas: * The Shift to Managed Services is Underway * The Context for Competitiveness * Senior Executives Drive Their Sourcing Strategies Based on a Wide Spectrum of Change * The 3C Framework for Sourcing (Be sure you check out what this means!) * The Emergence of Performance-oriented Sourcing * Key Sourcing Destinations * Global Service Provider Community: drastic steps they'll take, their obstacles, and how they need will need to position themselves to win future deals