Unisys and Rabobank Renew Business Process Outsourcing Contract
Utility approach to payment processing continues to enhance cost efficiencies and security for financial services leader

BLUE BELL, Pa., July 25, 2007 – Unisys Corporation (NYSE: UIS) today announced that Rabobank, one of the largest financial services providers in The Netherlands, has extended its business process outsourcing contract with Unisys Payment Services and Solutions (UPSS). The extension, signed in June 2007, covers all paper-related payment transactions for two additional years through December 31, 2012.

"Extending and strengthening our relationship with UPSS allows us to continue to benefit from shared utility resources in an outsourcing arrangement that provides scale for added efficiencies, lower costs, and greater process optimization," said Thea van Bommel at Rabobank. "Unisys is an important partner since its investments in technology and innovative new services help Rabobank to stay focused on our core business and stay ahead in an ever-changing payments world."

UPSS, a subsidiary of Unisys Corporation, automates giro (paper-based, check-like payments) processing and money transfer forms for Rabobank and other clients. UPSS now processes more than 100 million paper-based payment transactions a year for European banks and has a market share of approximately 50 percent in the Netherlands.

Rabobank’s contract extension and new security services come as UPSS and Unisys continue to expand payment operations and solutions for financial institutions around the world. Unisys recently launched its Open Payments Platform and other payment solutions, for example, and secured a significant related engagement in May in the United States. UPSS also signed additional contracts with other European banks over the past few months.

"Unisys looks at common business processes across an entire enterprise to help financial institutions better manage payments and more easily plan for the impact of global epayments trends and initiatives that will significantly affect their business," said Rob Fopma, managing director of UPSS. "With the introduction of fraud detection and prevention solutions, and offerings related to SEPA – the Single European Payment Area – and other new services, UPSS more and more is seen as a partner that can bring added value to a bank’s business."

About Rabobank Group

Rabobank Group is a financial services leader providing retail and institutional banking and agricultural finance solutions in key markets around the world. From its century-old roots as a finance cooperative founded by Dutch farmers, Rabobank has grown into one of the 25 largest banks worldwide with approximately US$730 billion in assets and operations in over 35 countries. Rabobank is one of the few private banks in the world with the highest possible credit rating from both Standard & Poor’s (AAA) and Moody’s Investor Service (Aaa), and is ranked as the world’s third safest bank by Global Finance magazine. Visit www.rabobank.com.

About UPSS

UPSS, a subsidiary of Unisys, provides various document services in a business process outsourcing utility for a number of leading financial services organizations in Europe. In addition to document services, UPSS now also offers solutions for cross-border payments, debit transactions, fraud detection and prevention, and secure printing and archiving of payment transactions.


About Unisys

Unisys is a worldwide technology services and solutions company. Our consultants apply Unisys expertise in consulting, systems integration, outsourcing, infrastructure, and server technology to help our clients achieve secure business operations. We build more secure organizations by creating visibility into clients’ business operations. Leveraging the Unisys 3D Visible Enterprise approach, we make visible the impact of their decisions – ahead of investments, opportunities and risks. For more information, visit www.unisys.com .