Value for money is key to sustainable outsourcing
It is encouraging to see Gartner predicting that outsourcing spends will increase in 2010 ( While this is an indication that businesses once more see outsourcing as a viable and worthwhile investment, the news brings with it some equally striking warning signs that must be addressed if outsourcing is to maintain a successful position in business coming out of the recession.

 Fuente:  Computer Weekly Magazine   Fecha:  12.04.2010

  Gartner’s Allie Young states that, for many organisations, immediate cost savings remain the priority when looking to outsource. But such benefits are not enough to sustain long-term success. Historically, businesses looking at offshore outsourcing have been attracted by savings such as lower staff overheads and lower land or rent charges.

   However, focusing only on these areas means organisations can be hit by hidden costs they did not anticipate, such as more management time being required and increased travel and troubleshooting costs when the work delivered is not up to standard.

  It is great news that businesses are looking to invest in outsourcing. But to be successful, businesses must change the way they work with outsourcers. It is up to the outsourcers to show them that a “quick-win” focus provides only a brief respite. Companies need to think strategically about IT outsourcing and constantly evaluate whether they are receiving value for money. The more they do this, the more sustainable and substantial the cost savings will be.

    Daniel Naoum

 Co-founder, Valueshore Spain