Capgemini 2007 Third Quarter Revenues up by 11%
The Capgemini Group has published consolidated revenue figures for the third quarter of 2007 of 2,088 million against 1,881 million for the third quarter of 2006, which shows growth of 11% at current rates and perimeter
This organic growth can be broken down as follows:
By discipline, Local Professional Services recorded the best performance (+10.9%) and
Consulting and Technology Services have also recorded very strong growth, at 9.0%.
Outsourcing revenues are up by 1.0%, despite the expected reduction in revenues from HMRC,
a reduction more than balanced by strong activity otherwise.
By region, Europe/Asia Pacific saw growth of 5.7% led by the Nordic countries where revenues
rose by nearly 30% along with the Benelux countries, Spain and Portugal, and the Asia Pacific
region, which all recorded double-digit growth. Growth remains strong in France (+6.8%) and
even more so in North America, where revenues are up by 7.9%.
With an increase of 23%, bookings recorded for the third quarter 2007 amount to 1,972 million, against
1,604 million for the same quarter of 2006. This growth is even 66% for Outsourcing: 675 million
against 406 million for the third quarter of 2006.

Total revenue growth over the first nine months of 2007 on the first nine months of 2006, is at 14.5% at
current rates and perimeter, and still reaches 9.7% at constant rates and perimeter. The main reason for
the spread between these two figures is the integration of Kanbay into the 2007 accounts.