Manchester Business School and PA Consulting Group launch new Executive Sourcing Programme
The collaboration of Manchester Business School and PA Consulting Group provides theory and practice to an independent programme for sourcing executives.

Consulting-Times E-zine 18-Aug-2006

Manchester Business School is running an executive development programme in association with PA Consulting Group (PA). The short course, entitled 2006 Executive Sourcing Programme, will cover effective management of outsourcing programmes and runs from October through to December 2006.

The course will be delivered at Manchester Business School by senior consultants from PA and leading academics from Manchester Business School, ensuring an unrivalled blend of practical relevance and academic rigour.

The course is in three modules, which can be taken as standalone programmes, or altogether to provide a comprehensive insight into sourcing as a means to improve the performance of key corporate functions.

The course modules are:

- Why seize the BPO opportunity? (Tuesday 10 October) The key activities and critical success factors in deciding to outsource business processes

- How can outsourcing be managed successfully? (Monday 6 November) Successful long-term management of outsourcing

- What makes an effective offshoring strategy? (Tuesday 5 December) The possibilities and pitfalls of global outsourcing and offshoring

Individually, each module will enable a business executive to improve their appreciation in a particular aspect of outsourcing from deciding if it is the best course of action for their firm, to managing long-term relationships and processes overseas. The entire programme will provide a comprehensive introduction to this complex field.

Professor Fang Lee Cooke from Manchester Business School said, "We're delighted to combine our up-to-the-minute research with the practical insights and expertise of PA Consulting Group's advisors. It's the first time we've worked in such a partnership and it's a fantastic example of the Manchester Method - learning by experience - in action. The programme will offer an excellent toolkit to managers new to the field of outsourcing."

Jonathon Hogg from PA Consulting Group said: "Whether evaluating outsourcing as a strategic choice, engaging in the selection of vendors or reviewing existing arrangements, realising the value [from outsourcing] means revisiting the theory and best practice."