More Serious Games: Recruitment, teaming and experience. Executive technology report
Simulated environments are becoming second homes for millions of people worldwide. And it isn’t just for kids. Businesses are using these environments for training and recruitment.

by: Peter Andrews


Industry: Cross-industry 


 Conferences are being held. Ideas are being tested. People are learning to work in a virtual space. It’s too early to understand the full implications of Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games and their online cousins, but there is little question that this will go beyond just entertainment. As games scale up to millions more participants and generate billions of hours of human activity per year, these environments may foreshadow an emerging business environment. Think of them as constructs of innovation, for connecting, reorganizing and redeploying hundreds of thousands of players around specific endeavors; and enabling them to self-organize, based on their capabilities, interests and reputational capital.

In this Executive Technology Report, Peter Andrews interviews Chuck Hamilton, who works in the IBM Centre for Advanced Learning (CAL) from Vancouver, British Columbia, our internal IBM team dedicated to learning excellence. CAL supports the drive toward the On Demand Learning Strategy as defined by learning leaders across IBM.

About the author

Peter Andrews

Peter Andrews is a Consulting Faculty Member IBM Executive Business Institute in Palisades, New York.