Atos Origin’s Software Development & Maintenance Centre achieves CMMI and IT Service CMM Level 3
CMMI and IT Service CMM are synonymous with a high level of predictability and manageability of quality, throughput times and costs. In addition, customers are assured that Atos Origin’s services for software development, application integration and application management are carried out in a uniform and standardised way.

Utrecht, 2 October 2007 -

Atos Origin, an international IT services company, has achieved CMMI and IT Service CMM Level 3 for its Software Development & Maintenance Centre (SDMC). The combination of CMMI level 3 and IT Service CMM level 3 is rare in the Netherlands. The Software Development & Maintenance Centre allows Atos Origin to underline its special position in the field of software development and application maintenance, integrated into a single software factory.

"This result comes from an extensive assessment that was made of the SDMC’s projects, management contracts and organisation," says Johan den Biggelaar, general manager of DNV-CIBIT. "It is a result that underlines the fact that the software factory’s operations are compliant with CMMI Level 3, meaning that Atos Origin can guarantee the reliability and uniformity of the services it provides." DNV-CIBIT observed the assessment and confirms its results.

Efficiency and cost benefits

The CMMI and IT Service CMM levels attained relate to the primary services provided by the Software Development & Maintenance Centre: from software development, application integration, application migration, testing and application management, through to both tailor-made software and standard packages. The integral services are offered in combination with a large number of techniques, including Java, Microsoft.NET, Oracle, Tibco, SAP and legacy systems. Applications that are developed for customers can be seamlessly included in the management system.

"The SDMC’s services are offered in a single uniform, standardised way. By placing all contracts relating to software development, application integration, migration, testing and application management in a single organisation unit, a scale is achieved that offers the customers the desired efficiency and cost benefits," explains Rob Pols, CEO of Atos Origin in The Netherlands. "Obtaining CMMI and IT Service CMM level 3 is a major achievement. This result confirms the professionalism and expertise of the SDMC and its staff."

Atos Origin provides services via the Software Development & Maintenance Centre to customers operating both nationally and internationally in a range of market sectors such as finance, telecoms, manufacturing and retail. Over the last two years, the SDMC has generated growth in turnover of 40% and there are now more than 1,400 staff employed at the Software Development & Maintenance Centre in the Netherlands.

"Our SDMC has grown faster than the market average and increased our market share in software development and application management," concludes Rob Pols. "It proves that our customers value our professionalism and that is precisely what obtaining CMMI and IT Service CMM level 3 has shown once again. On a global scale Atos Origin has over 4,000 CMMI staff working in its centers and set a target – as part of its strategic 3o3 plan - that all software centers have reached at least CMMI3 by the end of 2009".


About Atos Origin

Atos Origin is an international information technology services company. Its business is turning client vision into results through the application of consulting, systems integration and managed operations. The company’s annual revenues are EUR 5.4 billion and it employs 50,000 people in 40 countries. Atos Origin is the Worldwide Information Technology Partner for the Olympic Games and has a client base of international blue-chip companies across all sectors. Atos Origin is quoted on the Paris Eurolist Market and trades as Atos Origin, Atos Euronext Market Solutions, Atos Worldline and Atos Consulting.


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