Perfect your CV / Resume - for you only have a few seconds to impress!

The challenges faced by candidates today are completely different from those you will have encountered when you last changed jobs or embarked on a new career. We recognise that many talented individuals are becoming increasingly frustrated by the online application procedure - and are potentially missing out on some tremendous career opportunities as a result. If you feel this sense of frustration - or simply want your CV to look as professional as possible - we would very much like to help.


Internet job boards are increasingly becoming the most important advertising channel for HR managers and Recruiters.

The biggest downside of internet channels is a major increase in the volumes of applications that recruiters must now review. Candidates can increasingly select jobs and submit CVs in a matter of minutes, where postal applications might have taken hours. The reality is that the time HR managers can now spend to review each incoming CV has been slashed to cope with the volumes. As a candidate you need to make sure your major selling points jump out at the reader the moment they open your CV.

Given the importance of these first impressions, you should assume therefore that you have no more than a few seconds to impress when the recruiter opens your email CV / Resume. This may well mean your CV / Resume needs to be totally rewritten - and almost certainly modified. We're here to provide the expert guidance you need to perfect your CV.

"Our mission is to provide you as a candidate with impartial, time-critical advice that will help you perfect your CV and fulfil your professional goals"

Top-Consultant's network of recruitment specialists are experienced consultants who have worked for leading firms such as McKinsey, PA Consulting and Mercer Management Consulting. As such our team understand the changes that have been occurring in the recruitment market and can help give your online applications greater impact. Our specialists can also provide you with an honest assessment of your potential, unclouded by client relationships or bias.

Our CV / Resume Reviewing service provides a one-stop-shop where you can quickly have your CV reviewed and assessed. Our team are dedicated to providing personal feedback on how you can improve the success of your applications. Submit your CV today and our team guarantee to get back to you with comprehensive suggestions within 5 working days. Our low-cost service comes with a money-back guarantee, so you really have nothing to lose.
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