RSA launches specialist insurance package for consultants
New product addresses key data loss concerns for consultants; top tips on how to avoid data loss unveiled  16.12.2008

An innovative insurance package addressing data loss concerns for consultants has been launched today by leading insurance provider RSA, experts in professional services insurance.

The new product entitled ‘Consultants Plus’ is the first of its kind to provide consultants with next day laptop replacement together with data back up and civil liability cover protecting businesses against a range of risks including claims resulting from loss of customer data.

This new product seeks to address key issues raised by research undertaken with brokers and consultants, such as the necessity to quickly reinstate key business equipment and data following loss, their concerns surrounding claims resulting from loss of customer data and their need to save time by creating an insurance one-stop-shop.

To accompany the launch, Aaron Devitt, expert in Professional Services insurance at RSA, has also released top ten tips to help consultants keep their laptops safe:

-- Have an inventory system that requires individuals to sign for a specific laptop, whether for use inside or outside the office

-- Make sure equipment is not swapped or lent to other staff without proper authority

-- Ensure that arrangements are made to retrieve a laptop when an individual leaves the firm

-- Ensure that staff are aware that theft, whether external or internal, will be reported to the police

-- Consider whether loss by gross negligence should result in disciplinary action

-- Ensure that all data stored on the laptop is encrypted.

-- Secure meeting rooms when equipment is left unattended

-- Use access control systems to limit access from public areas such as receptions

-- Reduce the likelihood of street robberies by disguising carrying cases used to transport laptops

-- When travelling by car, lock equipment which is not being used in the boot.

Consultants also highlighted their need for the industry to demystify its cover, allowing them to quickly grasp the terms of their policy as well as the insurance issues that arise from the way they work. To address these problems, RSA has also launched a practical guide for consultants called ‘Your Handy Guide to Insurance’ which has been produced specifically to accompany the new ‘Consultants Plus’ package. It discusses the risk implications of being a consultant as well as the protection required for their property, finances, legal liabilities and employees.

The package will also enable customers to combine the varying range of covers they require under one policy with one renewal date and one premium to pay. Customers will have the flexibility to pay by monthly installments at zero per cent interest as well as providing a 24-hour telephone advice line that covers areas such as employment law and health & safety.

Aaron Devitt, Director of Profin at RSA, said, “Conducting the research proved to be invaluable in developing our product offering for consultants. Many concerns and needs were highlighted enabling us to understand their business so much more.

“When it comes to insurance, consultants lack the time to shop around and desire quick and easy cover for every aspect of their business whether it be business interruption, public liability or legal expenses.”