Tech job ads falling along with economy
In another sign of the recession's effect on IT budgets, online job listings for technology workers are down.  08.12.2008

 For example, The Conference Board Inc., which gathers data from about 1,200 job sites, reported last week that the number of computer and mathematics jobs advertised online last month was 5% lower than it was in November 2007, a decrease of 29,500. It was the first sizable year-to-year drop in demand for workers in that category, the organization said.

Meanwhile, officials at Dice Holdings Inc. said the number of tech jobs being advertised on its Web site is down 26% from a year ago.
But Tom Silver, senior vice president of marketing and customer support at Dice, said workers with the right skills are still in demand. There were about 1,500 ads listed last week for jobs involving virtualization technology. That's up 19% year over year, he said.
This version of the story originally appeared in Computerworld's print edition.