El impacto de la I+D en TIC en Europa. Viviane Reding
Speech de Viviane Reding con ocasión del ICT ETP Leaders el pasado 21 de febrero en Bruselas en el que habló de las futuras políticas en materia de investigación e innovación en TIC en Europa.
Our strategy of increasing the scale and the impact of ICT R&D and innovation investments is not only undertaken because ICT is beautiful and fun. It is because ICT drives growth and innovation. ICT is essential for developing new products and services for global markets, for modernising our public services, and for providing new services to our citizens. Nearly all of technological innovation depends on ICT. ICT policy for Europe is therefore essential of the EU policies for competitiveness, growth and sustainable development. We need to push further on ICT research to speed up the Lisbon process. This requires focussing of public spending across Europe, not only at Community level, on those actions that have clear leverage effects in particular on private investments. To support our analysis and argumentation in this direction we have asked a group of high-level external experts, chaired by Mr. Aho, to undertake an independent evaluation of the ICT programme. · Its role is mportant not only in the EU research policy context but also in the context of the i2010 information society and ICT policy strategy · In addition, it will constitute an important information source for the renewed Lisbon strategy and the EU budget review that will determine where to focus future EU spending beyond 2013.